Friday, June 27, 2014

oh dear, I just found out that I don't have the flu. I've had a return of the asthma that went away over a decade ago when I found out it was caused by mold. The storage room where I have the dyed reed is filthy and dusty. Never really been cleaned other than occasional sweeping. It's very likely that some of the exposed insulation has been wet at one time or another and there's a giant hole in the wall that leads to the underneath of the house. It is damp under there, no doubt. I blocked the hole to keep animals out of the room, but the storage cabinet has some mold and the room just gets damp in winter, because it's unheated. Breeding ground for mold.

I woke up with a nose full of black crud that I had to blow out in order to breathe and I was wearing an oversized Breathe Right band. That's not flu. I haven't seen that in over a decade - when I had to use an inhaler - until I found the sources of mold in my life and got rid of them. Now I have to wear a mask in there and have no light at night. What have I gotten myself into? Who will appreciate this? Why shouldn't I skim off about 5lb of varied colored scraps for myself? My sense of right and wrong are somewhat challenged here.

Time to get out the respirator and check the filter...or wear a little mask and hope it works.

Went in to see the shrink for my quarterly prescription check up and found out 2 things. I haven't gained much weight back and my blood pressure is dangerously high, so I have to go unmedicated until it drops. That's all I needed to get back on track with daily walks and the right food - forget about my excuses about resenting my life and the mistakes I made that got me off track when I was getting so healthy. It's been caused mostly by sitting around, even when I have an active dog who loves to move. I'm paying for it's hard enough to get out when medicated, it will be hell when I'm slowed down by lack of antidepressant and amphetamine. I'll be working with no help with my lack of focus. I hope the camp nurse can monitor my bp for me.

Next day I went to my PCP and my bp was 137/64...go figure...

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