Sunday, August 17, 2014

Business sucks

My farmer's market sales are just tanking. I've never seen it this bad. I will probably not be at the market after Labor Day and this could be my last season. It's August and I made $16 today - but my fee was $35. I've never had a bad summer at the market before. I usually make enough to make it worth my while and go home happy. It's a lot of work setting up and tearing down and most people have no idea what a loser the market is. They tell me often that they're waiting until Fall to shop for Xmas, but that's going to be too late. Maybe I should post a sign that I'm leaving.

I'll probably make some money tomorrow (today?) and just wonder why.
Which reminds me - gotta get to bed. Orenco market Sunday AM and I only got 3 hrs sleep last night. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

So, it turns out that my BP is not elevated - the shrink doesn't have a large cuff and a small cuff won't give you an accurate reading on a large arm. I sent a letter, mentioned that I think this is unprofessional and declaring that they can find some other way to get my BP. They responded and we came up with a compromise. This does nothing for all those other patients with fat arms that are getting inaccurate readings.

I'm more bothered by my mistaken memory that I have had high BP in the past. I have not. I do have some really annoying trouble with my memory however. Sometimes I can't remember the names of people - even those close to me and I can't tell you anything reliable about anything or anyone in a proper time frame. If it happened 3 years ago, it might seem to me to be more like 3 months ago. Yet, I function just fine.

Looking for a nice source for "rings" to attach to the bottom of my pastry blender baskets.  Been making rings for stands from reed scraps and may just have to stay with that. The best, unvarnished rattan is now extremely expensive - if you can find it. The cheaP rattan is well varnished, making it sooo difficult to soak and reshape into ovals. I have to admit that the reed scrap ovals were easy to make and easy to fit to the bottoms of these odd little baskets that are often somewhat distorted, but cute...

Done with Willowbrook teaching. Getting prepared for the Lake Oswego Farmer's Market on the 23rd. Hoping to finally get my sewing, basketry and loom rooms done. I have the energy and strength to carry through. Need to stop thinking and writing about it and just do it. Also need to exercise Bandit and myself and visit Hondo Dog park as often as possible.