Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm back ....I think....

I spent the month of December in the hospital, healing. Glad to be home, but everything is different now. The baskets in my Etsy shop may be in limited supply, except for the garlic and onion baskets. I'm still healing and have daily nurse visits, so there are some limitations on what I can do. However, I feel good about getting well. Don't know how well I'll get to be, but I sure feel better than I did before I landed in the hospital. That however, is overshadowed by the angst and anxiety of living on SSI, which is far behind reality as far as "cost of living". I'm not complaining - I own my manufactured home and only pay a space rental for it and I have food stamps. I still come up short for covering my utilities. There is no allowance for other household expenses or transportation.

Okay, that's enough belly aching. If I don't cheer up and start laughing, I'll end up back in the hospital, if I'm lucky. I need humor now more than ever. The highlight of most of my days seems to be the nurse's visit.